Waer - Text Publishing. Shortlisted for the 2013 Text Prize. To be released March 1, 2016.


8 Responses to Books

  1. Dylan KING KONG Caddy says:

    YOU SUCK!!!

    Nah just joking, you are such a delight! I CANNOT WAIT to read your book!!!

    Keep up the good work Meggles,


  2. admin says:

    Feeling the family love there cuz!

  3. Definitely Not Thomas Clark says:



    YAY MEG!

    *high fives; exits room*

  4. Kian says:

    I read a lot of books a year but Waer was on of my favourites of all time. The way it’s written makes me never want to put down the book. My only want is a sequel maybe about lowells and lycaea life as Own and maybe a contract that’s to hard and it turns Into something much bigger. I don’t know but you’ll think of something…. My only wish is for a sequel to read.

  5. Aldrin says:

    A good book. I could tell when i tried reading foxcraft and Akarnae. Akarnae lacked in the text and dialogue, the book was completely predictable and I had nothing to relate to. Foxcraft was just not well structured that Waer was. I had so many questions when I first started reading Waer. For instance I knew there was something got to do with that story about the Watchers Dodge explains. I also actually thought Kaebha was real. Is she her lost ego because the last section about staying true to yourself was miserable.

    Nonethless this book was in the “new” section in my library. I was writing an essay about “The Absolutely True Diary Of An Part Time Indian” That I suggest reading and I grabbed this book. I spotted many faults and unrelated scenes. I could not understand the last battle good enough. “Hemanlok was busy protecting his rouges” I thought he was going to fight Ledlh? , The book didn’t expand good enough that I thought it was. You stated what she planned on doing since the first 3-4 chapters of the book. Fight Ledhl to make things right.

    Woah she tortured many innocents.She was forced to Lowell you ****. But Lowell recovers when She removes her clothes

    Very interesting book
    Worth another read

    I hope somebody continues the book, Maybe make more uncertainties because throughout you only introduce 2 enemies Cooper and Ledlh. Some parts were genuinely so thrilling.

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