January’s End

My long absence can be explained threefold: lots of work, lack of organisation, and also I forgot my username to log in. It’s okay, we’ve got it sorted now! And what an exciting time to be blogging in.

When the clock ticks around to midnight tonight, we’ll be in the month of WAER. This week, the printed copies all arrived in the Text office, which means soon it will be in my hands. I’ve been waiting for ten years to hold this thing in my hands.

(I’m simultaneously wildly excited and in a state of total panic.)

In other news, I’ve moved into a new flat. It’s nice to not go up two flights of stairs with the shopping, it’s easier to clean, and I’m teaching myself to garden. The first thing I planted was a chilli tree. It started dying within three days, but it seems to have come back to life now. The lavender is dead, and so it most of the thyme. On the other hand, the basil is thinking about taking over the earth so I think I’m doing alright for my first efforts.

School is back this coming week, so I go back to my odd schedule of tutoring, pastoral care, and (very occasionally) sleeping at normal hours.

As far as writing goes, it’s been a solid month. I sent off my manuscript ‘Slipping the Noose’, which has been burning a hole in my brain and fingers for a while now. I started the research in 2010, did my Honours dissertation on the surrounding history and literature, and fell absolutely in love with the whole thing along the way. I’ve now started research for something with similar lines. This one’s going to be more difficult – the literature on the time period is more sparse, and the history doesn’t entwine with the fiction as clearly. We’re getting there, though, and once I get that first page down we’ll be back into a realm of frenzied research and endless typing. Just how I like it!

waer book

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