Waer? Where? Were? A Guide to the Words of Waer


But I’ll do a whole thing on that later. For now, it’s time to clear up the funny phonetics of WAER.

WAER – Pronounced ‘Where’

KAEBHA – Pronounced ‘KEE-vah’ or ‘KIE-vah’

LOWELL – Pronounced ‘L-OH-well’

LYCAEA – Pronounced ‘lie-KAY-ah’ in Luthan and ‘lie-KIE-ah’ in Kudhienn

HEMANLOK – Pronounced ‘HEH-man-lock’

KUDHIENN – Pronounced ‘koo-thee-ENN’

LUTHAN – Pronounced ‘LOOTH-AN’

DEBAJO – Pronounced ‘deb-EYE-oh’

CIADUDAN – Pronounced ‘chee-AH-doo-dan’

GRINAJA – Pronounced ‘grin-EYE-ah’

TADHG – Pronounced ‘tie-g’

LELDH – Pronounced ‘lel-th’

CAERWYN – Pronounced ‘CARR-win’


Any other curly ones you can think of? Drop me a message here or on my Twitter account @MegCaddy1


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2 Responses to Waer? Where? Were? A Guide to the Words of Waer

  1. This is so awesome Meg, thanks for responding to me and @PasoMaddie’s questions on Twitter – I love your naming, even if I get a bit tongue-tied! Thanks for writing this post, it’s great fan service and really appreciated. :)

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